how to backup your wordpress website

How to Backup Your WordPress Website So You Can Sleep Easy at Night

What should you know about backing up your WordPress install?

  • Big News: You need to be backing up your WordPress site. Groundbreaking stuff, I know.
  • Bigger news: Just installing a plugin to do it might not be enough.

If you’ve spent even a little time thinking about backing up your site, you probably know that there are a plethora of free plugins on that offer to do it for you.

These plugins, however, are often written by amateurs, in their spare time, for free.

Don’t misunderstand me, many of them do exactly what they say they’ll do, just as well as any premium service will.

What I want to impress upon you is that your site’s backup is far too precious to be left to chance – you need to be able to say, without a doubt, the plugin or service you’re using is keeping you covered.

In order for you to find that out, you’ve got to understand a little bit about WordPress, how it works, and which parts are important in case of catastrophe.

Here are the questions I want to answer today:

  • 1What do I need to back up to be safe?
  • 2What is the safest way to run and store my backups?
  • 3How can I sleep easy at night, with the knowledge that my backups are doing what they need to do?

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