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29 Ways to Say Thank You From the Bottom of My Heart

patoh smallThank you for signing up for my free blogging crash course. I can’t express how excited I am to have you in my team.

Right at this moment, I am preparing to dispatch your first lesson. (You’ll find it in your email in a few minutes)

But first things first. I believe that you will only get the best out of this training when you understand where I am coming from.

My name is Patrick Mahinge, and I make all my money blogging. 98% of my friends think that it’s cool to make money blogging.

But it hasn’t always been this coooool…

In fact, on the morning of May 25, 2012, I was probably one of the most broke guys to have ever walked on planet earth.

To make matters worse, it was my birthday, and I didn’t even have a twenty shillings to buy breakfast…

But I had something stronger and way better than money.

Fresh Out of College

I was fresh out of college, and just like every fresh college leaver I had big dreams of what my life would turn out to be. It would only get better after college, wouldn’t it?

I’d get a job with one of the big media stations in Kenya. I’d appear on your TV screens reading the 9 o’clock news with a freshly pressed suit and a tie to match!

With my charming smile, sura ya TV, and my engaging personality, I would become an instant hit, a celebrated journalist just like Larry Madowo, Jeff Koinange or Dennis Okari, right?

I could never have been more wrong!

life-after-college-expectations-vs-reality--double-chen-promoLife after college is not what many people envision it to be. Unemployment is real.

What I remember most about my days after college was the aspect of being so broke that I sometimes had to beg friends to buy me a meal. In fact, I was more broke than when I was in college.

After months and months of tarmacking and dropping my certificates on every office that had the resemblance of a media station, I finally decided to swallow my pride and accept whatever was forthcoming.

A friend of mine who had only attended school until Form 4 accepted to hire me as a cybercafe attendant in his business. Can you imagine that! I had spent 4 of my best years in college, only to end up working for a someone who had not seen the door to a polytechnic lecture hall.

As it turns out, the months that I worked as a cybercafe attendant were a blessing in disguise. I discovered that I could make money blogging! Heck, I could even build a freakin’ business empire just sitting in front of my computer!

Listen. I might not be sure of what you are going through. But I can assure you of one thing: There is hope at the end of the tunnel.

You’ve made the right decision by registering for my Blogging Crash Course. During the next few days, I’ll show you how to make money online doing something that you absolutely love.

But what’s the purpose of learning if you’ll never take action. I have trained a lot of people, many who think that the mere act of taking an online course will turn them into instant millionaires. It doesn’t work that way.

To really make money blogging, you must be prepared to take massive action. And yes, some of it will require that you spend money and time. You’ll need money to buy and host your domain name (something like www.yourblogs.com).

You’ll also need to spend a lot of time coming up with unique content for your blog.

In short, if you are looking for a get-rich-quick or an easy way to make money online with zero costs and zero sweat, I am sorry but blogging is not for you. You can happily close this page at this point.


If you are looking for a solid way to make money online. If you understand that every business requires some form of investment in capital and time, kindly read on.

What it’ll Cost You

This training is 100% free. No strings attached. You can go through the whole training without paying me a single cent…

But what’s the purpose of training if you do not use it to make money?

I really wanna help you start making money blogging… but you must be ready to be helped.

  1. Designing a blog like this one costs money.
  2. Buying a domain name costs money.
  3. And keeping the blog online (hosting) costs money.

If you were to get all these yourself, it would cost you an upwards of Ksh. 8,000

But you don’t have to.

After seeing the trouble that many of my past students had raising the 8K required to start blogging, I decided to come up with my own affordable solution.

Instead of 8K, I started charging 4,549/= only. Something short of a miracle happened when I started charging this low.

Almost overnight, I was flooded by dozens of eager students who wanted me to teach them how to make money blogging. At some point, I could not keep up with the number of students who were asking me to train them.

I decided to make another change to the way I operate. Instead of trying to train everyone, I decided to restrict myself to training 7 students per month only. I decided to prioritize quality over quantity… but I’d keep the costs the same

For 4,549/=

  • I will purchase a domain name for you
  • I will host your blog for one year
  • And I will design every aspect of your blog

In addition to all that I’ll teach you The 17 Strategies That I Use to Make More Than 80K Every Month Blogging.

Honestly, I am not sure how else I can help or if you’ll ever find someone who offers you the level of assistance I am about to give you.

But there is a catch…

I only take 7 students per month. And at this moment all the February offers are already taken, but you can fill out the form below for the March intake consideration.