Unable to Choose the Best Themeforest WordPress Theme-My 2013 Woes

Last Updated on December 19, 2022 by Patrick Mahinge

So, 2013 is almost gone and this blog is still behaving like a little stray girl who is not particularly sure where she will finally settle. It is agonizing when you spend most of your hours working on the design of a theme than making money, which is what my little girl here has turned me into doing.

What gives me some little sadistic satisfaction is knowing that I am not the only one who is faced by this predicament. A lot of webmasters find it extremely difficult to choose a suitable wordpress theme for their blogs.

Picture this. I will install a good Premium Themeforest Theme today thinking it is the beginning of a new ‘face’ for my prettie only to discard it hours later as the ugliest thing I have ever seen. I have bought theme after theme from themeforest and I just wish there was something like a ‘return to seller’ policy on the store. Unfortunately, there is nothing like that and I am stuck with themes that I am not using. Does anyone want me to resell them the licenses?

I am currently using Bolid Resposive News, Magazine and Blog WordPress Theme from Themeforest. I have also made a resolution that this blog has seen a lot of changes and this is the last WordPress theme I am buying for this particular blog.

Some History

After graduating from college some time in 2012, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands. I was working in this cybercafe at Maungu that hardly got any clients. That meant that I was free for 5 of the 8 hours that I was supposed to be working. Naturally, I whiled the time away doing what I love doing; writing

That saw the birth of this blog on a blogger .blogspot extension. A few months later, I got tired of the .blogspot thing and registered for a domain with Godaddy while Google took care of the hosting. I thought that this was all that I would be needing but it still wasn’t. Blogger denied me the freedom of using so many extensions that I needed to use on the website.

In August of 2013, I finally decided to migrate my blog from blogger to WordPress. I bought into Bluehost web hosting and transferred my domain from Godaddy. At least here, I can play around with plugins, themes and Email Marketing Software. The wide selection of what you can do on the WordPress CMS however complicates issues, thus the current predicament that I have found myself in. I can’t determine whether I want this website to be a simple blog. I guess I will give it until 2015 to see what works best for it. Meanwhile, you will continue witnessing a lot of changes, tweaks and pretty much everything else on this blog/website.

Did Someone Suggest That I Try to Hire an Expert WordPress Designer?

Come on buddy, you are not serious. You know those fellows cost an arm and a leg for customization that you can achieve within the hour, don’t you? Take for example a previous look that I had with Kallyas WordPress theme. It was pretty cool and I had done that within two hours max!

Hiring an ‘expert designer’ does not also guarantee that I will finally fall in love with the end product. It might actually turn out to be the second most expensive venture after the theme-shopping spree that I currently seem to be tied up to.

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