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Everything you need to start a money-making blog

Have you ever felt the urge to share your ideas with the world? A blog is an excellent way to do it. Many bloggers gain in-depth knowledge on their areas of passion, build connections u0026amp; friendships, and some are even able to turn their passion into a lucrative business.


Researching, publishing, sharing, and discussing information on your area of passion equals more knowledge gained. Do you like fashion, cars, or sports? Start a blog and see how much more knowledge you’ll gain.

Build Connections

Blogging makes you a trusted opinion leader in your area of passion. It brings like-minded fans into your sphere of influence. And before you know it, you have a whole community of friends that you share similar interests.


The face of blogging is rapidly changing. A few years back, guys used to blog for fun. Not anymore. Bloggers are turning their hobbies into lucrative businesses. I’ll personally teach you how to make money blogging.

Become a niche blog mastermind

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How to make money blogging in Kenya

We get it.

Blogging might be a new concept to you.

You are not sure whether you can do it.

You are not sure whether you can make money blogging… Whether you can become a popular blogger in your industry.

You don’t know where to start…

But guess what? You are not alone. We’ll be with you throughout your blogging journey. It is the reason that we started Blogscheme: to help new bloggers get off their feet.

We’ll hold your hand and show you the exact step-by-step strategies that we use to make money blogging.