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How To Make Over $1000 Per Month Selling Simple Kindle Ebooks!

Hey everyone,

My name is Patrick, and I am a webpreneur who also loves empowering other people to take advantage of the the many money-making opportunities offered by the internet.

Up until now, the only ways marketed where people could make money online in Kenya have been cheap article writing jobs, transcribing, academic writing and other referral jobs… but what happens when you stop working on these jobs?

You go broke. Right?

What if I could show you how you can invest your skills and passion on a business that will earn you royalties of up to $1000 per month without having to sell your soul to the devil?

What if I can show you how you can only work once and reap the fruits of your hard work for the rest of your life?

That is what I have set to do with the Kindle Bestsellers Program.

What is the Kindle Bestsellers Program

KIndle-Bestsellers-Music-BoxAs of this moment, The Kindle Bestsellers Program is the best make money online ecourse available in Kenya. It teaches you how to take control of your own finances by investing in Kindle ebooks.  The program shows you how to invest in simple Kindle ebooks that pay you up to 70% royalties on every sale for life.

No, this is not a referral kind of thing. You write your book, hit publish and wait for over 300 million people who shop in Amazon to buy your book! It is simply awesome.

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What If You Cannot Write

I have got you covered. You can get your book written for next to nothing by excellent freelancers throughout the world. I will show you how you can hire them cheaply to create ebooks and ebook cover designs for you.

This program is for everyone who likes to make money passively. Think about it. Creating products that give you royalties is the way to go. Think about the generous amounts that Kenyan Musicians are making through their music royalties.

Here is the truth about jobs that pay you in royalties. They are similar to investing in real estate property. The only difference is that you do not have to have millions of shillings to construct high rise buildings. Simply write ebooks using my simple method, place them online, and make money for the rest of your life. You will be crazy not to follow this one through.

To register for the Kindle Bestsellers Program, send 1,500/= to 0710251380 and start creating a consistent monthly income of over $1000 now! You can also pay online by sending your $20.00 to Paypal or Skrill address [email protected]

For further enquiries, fill the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


33 thoughts on “How To Make Over $1000 Per Month Selling Simple Kindle Ebooks!

  1. Nelson Macharia Kiiru

    Would love to know how to make a kindle book i got various topics in mind. Is it just a matter of being good at using microsoft word? Just inquiring.

    1. Patrick Kihara

      Hey Nelson,
      I can teach you how to make Kindle ebooks. Get in touch with me on 0710251380.

      1. Venant

        Am also interested in learnimg about this.please help

  2. Grace Nyambura

    Am interested in learning about Kindle books,let me know how it works.Thanks.

    1. Patrick Kihara

      Hey Grace,
      I am getting in touch via email.
      Check your inbox for an email on how Kindle Book Publishing works.

  3. anthony

    also interested just wanted to know how I can write one.thank you

    1. Patrick Kihara

      Hi Anthony,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      The Kindle Bestsellers Program, i.e. the training that teaches you how to invest in Kindle ebooks goes for 1500/=.
      I accept Mpesa payments as well as direct bank deposits.
      Get in touch with me on +254710251380 for more instructions

  4. Ed Richardson

    Patrick, the energy in your posts is infectious.
    I am based in South Africa. How do I pay you the US$20 for the Kindle Bestsellers Program?
    My PayPal is inactive (South Africa is not PayPal friendly).
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    1. Patrick Kihara

      Hi Ed,
      I am sending you payment instructions via email. Please check your email.

  5. Adeshola

    This is a great program, am interested bt am nt a computer literate, can i stil participate? Am replying from Nigeria

    1. Patrick Mahinge

      Hey Adeshola,
      Unfortunately, you will need some basic computer skills in order to participate. You need to at least know hoe to use Microsoft Word or a related software.

  6. Adeshola

    Am interested but i can’t operate computer

  7. Irene Kinyua

    Am also interested

    1. Patrick Mahinge

      Hey Irene, you can start making money from Kindle Publishing in less than 7 days. Click on this link to get the whole training kit

    2. Patrick Mahinge

      Hey Irene,
      Kindly sent the training fee via Mpesa, and I’ll get you hooked up

  8. maggy

    hi Patrick are you still training on How to Make Money Selling Simple Kindle Ebooks? am intrested

    1. Patrick Mahinge

      Hey Maggy,
      Yes, I still offer training on Kindle Publishing. Kindly WhatsApp me on 0710251380 for details.

  9. Osiako Gideon

    I’m interested too. Some of my work have been published in anthologies by Amazon and Ardus Publications. I tried to open my account with Amazon but was frustrated by the labyrinth of filling forms. Would be a blessing if you’d simplify things for me.

    1. Patrick Mahinge

      Hi Gideon,
      Let me help you. Contact me on 0710251380

  10. Andrew Simiyu

    I would really like to know more about this, please tell me.

    1. Patrick Mahinge

      Hi Simiyu,
      Kindly contact me on 0710251380

  11. irenesheerow

    i bought the kindle program and it is really helping me… i owe you patrick..

    1. Patrick Mahinge

      Wow! Thanks Irene. I am always motivated by the success of my customers. Keep on keeping on. Na uwache kupotea sana.

  12. Patrick

    pliz contact me

  13. Andy

    Am in Patrick.

  14. Leonard

    Really interesting enterprise you have there. I’m interested in learning more, is an understatement.

  15. Leonard

    I am really interested in this venture. Please send me more information.

  16. Joseph Njenga

    hellow patrick…i am intrested in the program.
    How do i participate.Please help

  17. Crescentia Senteu

    Am interested. How soon can i get information?

  18. Esther

    Hi Patrick.
    Interesting read. Could i get more information on the Kindle Bestsellers Program? Esther

  19. Loise Wangari

    This is an interesting eye opener. I am a writer and i spend most of my time online. Now I know where to put my extra energy.
    Thanks Patrick

  20. hannan abdallah

    does amazon kindle available in kenya?i tried registering with them and they told me they dont send payments to our country?

  21. John

    Get me started. I am very green but will to do

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