File Your Tax Returns Online at No Extra Cost: Free 2013 Software Review

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A good citizen owes his government the honor of filing his taxes on time and in totality. But when it comes to tax matters, most of us would rather postpone it to the very last minute. We dread doing all those calculations by ourselves or hiring an accountant who will charge us an arm and a leg to file the taxes for us.

But things need not be this hard. In fact, technology has made it easier for anyone with a computer and access to the internet to file his taxes online with the ease and accuracy of a ten-year practicing Certified Public Accountant. The main bone with this form of filing remains which software to choose to file your returns.

However, even this need not be so daunting. The choice of an e-filing software is highly dependent on two things; Your expertise in using the software and the cost at which the tax software comes. You may also want to know how accurate a tax filing software is before you make the commitment to buy one. To help you make that all important choice, we have personally tested and reviewed some of the most popular tax return filing software.
Here are a few of them.

  1. TurboTax

TurboTax is an e-filing software from Intuit. It has consistently dominated reviews as the best online tax filing software. Those who have tried it love it for the way it prepares accurate returns and how it has a simple yet easy to use interface.

The team at Intuit goes a mile further than other online tax software in that they offer personalized tax advice to all types of tax filers at no cost at all. Using, TurboTax, anyone with basic computer knowledge can accurately file tax returns with confidence.

Unlike other tax return software that rely on huge and expensive marketing strategies to gain customer approval, TurboTax has earned its glorified status by performance reputation. People who have used TurboTax always share their positive experience with friends and family. It is this customer base more than anything else that has earned TurboTax the covetous position as the leading tax software in the country.

2.      TaxAct 

TaxAct Has a wide range of free federal eFilings that you may actually want to try. Their state tax filings software is also low-priced and affordable to most small businesses and individuals.

With Federal Edition going for the price of 0.01 dollars, TaxAct is more than a free online tax filing software. If you are sure you can file your returns online without much assistance, then TaxAct is definitely the thing for you. Where don’t you check it out. It may end up saving you lots of time, energy and money.

3.      H&R Block [Download]
H&R Block has a simple to use interface is definetely the reccommeded tax returns filing software for a many mid-level business enterprises in the US as well as for individual tax returns.
The interface makes it easy to read the data entry and help is available through the ‘Guide Me’ feature. In addition, the team at H&R Block will provide their employee to actually give you free assistance and defend your returns in case they need to be audited by the IRS.

You might also be interested to know that H&R Block has also launched mobile versions of their software for use with Android, iPhone and iPad!

4.    eSmart Tax
Features an interview-kind interface that gently guides you through the filing system. With a few basic questions, eSmart Tax will tailor the rest of the software to prod you with questions which are only relevant to your tax situation. eSmart is infidelity the Financial Buddy Gold Award Software of the year.

More Online Tax Filing Software You May Want to Try

  1. MyTaxRefund by TurboTax – Free E-file and Refund Status for Your Income Tax Return
  2. Quicken Premier 2013
  3. TaxCaster by TurboTax – Free Tax Refund Calculator to Estimate Your Taxes

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