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In a previous article, we outlined five tips you should consider when choosing an email marketing software. In this article, we actually put one of the three more popular email marketing software to the test and let you see how it compares with the others. At the end of this series of articles we will have reviewed three of the email marketing software available in the market; we will then make you the judge and the referee among Mailigen, Steamsend and SimplyCast.
But first things first, here are the Mailigen bragging rights

Mailigen Email Marketing Software

Mailigen.comMailigen is the choice email marketing software for Honda, G4S, Bayer, BMW and a thousand other multinational companies. The first time I heard of Mailigen, I was actually like, “Hey that sounds oriental.” And then asked for a free test drive. Here are some cool features you may like about Mailigen

Free 30 day Trial

Start 30 day free trial
Imagine what you can do with 30 days of free email marketing campaign! I know I can surely use this time to transform my business from a little known local .blogspot website into a site that commands more than 2,000 unique pageviews per day. I know this because that is what I did when I got my first trial of Mailigen. This also tells you, as it told me, that the team at Mailigen have confidence in their product. What are you waiting for signup for your free 30 day Mailigen Trial!!
Drop and drag email editor
A very useful tool in case you want to beautify or professionally arrange content in your email. The drop and drag email offers you the option of editing portions of the email or the whole email template as a whole. We give Mailigen a big plus for this cool feature.

Mailigen Email marketing service. Improve your marketing results.

Social Media Integration

You surely know about this, don’t you? Social media plays a very important role in present days marketing campaigns. Combine this with the power of email marketing and your product gains the power to go viral. This is exactly what Mailigen gives you, the power to send notifications to Facebook and Twitter within the dashboard of the application.
Additionally, you can carry out sms marketing campaign from Mailigen-complete with statistics of how you mobile and social media campaigns are doing.


When you email marketing campaign expands, you would like to have an autoresponder to handle most of your emailing. The Mailigen autoresponder feature lets you to automatically schedule emails to be sent to your coworkers, clients or followers at no extra effort from your side. You can set the autoresponder to send the emails after a day, week (s) or year (s).

Reports and statistics

Modern marketing depends so much on realizing what customers do and why they do what they do. With Mailigen, getting this information becomes a tad easier with their comprehensive reports and statistics feature. The Reports and Statistics feature lets you keep track of how many of your sent e-mails are received, opened, or bounced or how many clicks your e-mails generate, how many people subscribe and unsubscribe, et cetera.

Mailigen-New generation of Email Marketing. Try it ! Free-30 day Trial.

Lists and Website signup forms

To top it up. Mailigen provides you with what we said a good email marketing software should avail. It gives you already made email signup forms to place in your website as well as give you the option to create as many email lists as possible. The latter is particularly important when it comes to audience segregation.

In a scale of 10, we rate Mailigen as 9.
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