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Lesson 2

As much as I would love to tell you that there is no cost involved in owning your own niche websites, it simply is not true.

When it comes time that you are ready to own virtual real estate on the internet, please be sure of the costs involved.

The good news is that these costs are minimal. I can’t think of another industry that has such low costs involved than internet marketing does.

There are also things I am going to need to know that YOU know. I don’t intend to re-invent the wheel here - I simply want to put the pieces together so you can get rolling along making profitable niche websites.

In time, you will tweak this system to make it uniquely yours, but for now, I am sharing my little system. However, the only way this will work is if you know the things I need you to know, and the things I will assume you know as I go through these steps.

Just a quick note: The 6 Step Niche Site System will NOT go into PPC (AdWords or other paid advertising). My goal here is to get each of you with many niche websites that bring you cash each month.

My goal is NOT to get you to spend money each and every month to MAKE that money. We are going to have upfront costs and upfront work, but the result will be niche websites that work for YOU when they are complete.

OK, here are the three things you must have before beginning a niche website with the RICHER 6 Step Niche Site System.

1. A low cost and reliable hosting account.

We'll use BlueHost. For less than $10 a month I can host all the websites I want all on that one package!

Let’s say I have 40 websites hosted on my one Bluehost account - that costs me what, like 25 cents a month!

Yes, there are many other low cost hosting services (that link is to a list of 5 others) and you may choose to go with another company. Your choice.

When I refer to hosting accounts on this course, I will be referring to Bluehost hosting, so simply make the adjustments needed for your own hosting.

Be sure the hosting account you choose is “WordPress friendly”. I know HostGator is.

Hosting must be reliable and the customer service team must be reachable. Recently, I had issues with about 6 of my sites. Unbeknown to me, all 6 sites were down (and losing me money!) Bluehost emailed me and CALLED me to make me aware of the situation and worked closely with me to get my sites back up and running ASAP.

I can’t say enough about Bluehost. I won’t switch web hosting companies no matter what the ‘deal of the week’ is.

Bluehost is also one of the only hosting companies that will allow you to pay month by month (no contracts - no pre-paying - none of that).

I have the ‘Choice Plus’ Package and right now, you can get the same hosting package for $5.95 a month through this link. (Oddly, I pay $14.99 a month, but at least my readers will save money…haha!)

Sign Up for Hosting Here

2. Domain Names

You will need an inexpensive and high-quality company to purchase your domain names from.

I tend to use GoDaddy a good bit - mainly because I previously purchased a lot of domains there and I like keeping them in one place (I am also a creature of habit…haha). I can pay anywhere from $1.99 a year for a .info domain names to $7-$9 a year for a .com domain name.

I found a great discount for domain names tho - you can get cheap domain names here (I only use this company now)

Making Niche Sites - Questions and Answers

Q. ” What If I Need Help?”

A. I am a big helper.. I love to help, but here is my disclaimer - I help those that are willing to help themselves.

Please ask me questions anytime - post a comment here or email me ([email protected]). But PLEASE, ask me questions for things you can’t seem to figure out, NOT about things you don’t FEEL like figuring out.

Please don’t label any email ‘urgent’ in the subject line if it is not life or death, and please - do not spam me. Spam makes me cranky =)

Q. “How Much Money Will I Make With Niche Websites?”

A. Oh, I love that question! Let me answer that question with a question… How much money do you WANT to make with niche websites?

This is one of few businesses that is almost completely in your control. You will get out of niche websites what you put IN to your niche websites.

If you need to make $3000 a month from internet marketing, then you will need to make about $99 a day. If the best you can manage is a niche site that makes $1 a day, then make 98 more of them =)

The sky is the limit, but it won’t happen magically…. this business needs YOU to WORK it.

Q. “Will I Make Money Right Away?”

A. You might. I have had niche sites that started earning me money within days…and I’ve had sites that I have had to tweak and go thru a few ‘Hell Days’ to get any income coming in.

That has nothing to do with succeeding or failing - it’s just the reality of the business. For an average tho, it takes the average niche site about 4-6 months to mature and realize its full potential.

Now, this does NOT mean you make ONE niche site and then wait 4 months. No no no… KEEP MAKING THEM! In four months you could have a boatload of niche sites.

Just follow the 6 Step System and don’t sweat it. Don’t obsess over stats, don’t obsess over earnings just keep creating the niche sites that very well may change the way your financial life is within a year.

How were you doing last year money-wise? How are you doing TODAY money-wise? What if one year from now, it will all be different - and BETTER.

Q. ” How Much Time Is this Going To Take Up?”

I also love this question =) How much time do you WANT to put into making niche websites? That’s your answer.

Folks, this is not a get rich, easy, fast, and over-night type thing (but if you find a system like that, please let me know…haha!).

The time you put into your online business will be very closely related to the profits you see FROM your internet business.

Q. ” Why Are You Giving Your System Away For Free?”

A. Short answer - because it is the right thing to do.

Long answer - the decision to make this course took a good bit of soul-searching on my part. I asked my readers over what they thought - should I package and sell it? Should I create a membership site?

About 99.9% of all feedback said for me to sell it because they would buy it. What a compliment!

Thing is, in order for the information offered and the time required to complete a package such as that to be proportionate with the price charged, I would feel like just another ‘guru’ who was profiting from others learning curve. I do not want to be that person.

Everything here is information that you could eventually figure out on your own for free as I did. What I want to do is fast-track that learning time, cut about 6 months to a year of researching out of the picture for you, and get you making money online. It’s a real rush! haha!

If you appreciate the information you find here, please share it with others. Also, if you choose to invest in anything I recommend, I would greatly appreciate you clicking my links here to purchase. These little commissions here and there will really help compensate for my time to not only make and maintain this site, but also all the time it took to learn the info I am freely sharing.

If you don’t care to use my links, then please don’t. Either way, thank you for being here!

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