Beginner Series

Step 6 – “R” is for Repeat

Lesson 8

Step 6 - ‘R’ is for Repeat, Repeat, REPEAT!

Welcome to 6 Step Niche Sites. If you’re visiting us for the first time, we are learning how to make WordPress Niche Sites. Why not start at the beginning and take it from the top. All this great information will be ready for you when YOU are ready for IT.

Ok folks, you made it to Step 6! Stand up, take a bow… pat yourself on the back… buy yourself a drink or a new pair of shoes…. or heck, just take a nap! YOU DID IT!

The first niche site is the hardest…and now you’ve done that!

Remember feeling a bit intimidated by the whole process? Guess what? NO MORE! You OWN this system now! Whether it took you a week or 6 months to go through this whole process simply does not matter. You Did It.

The Most Important Thing About WordPress Niche Sites

Now, as we are here at Step 6, we are going to talk about the most important element of building niche sites. KEEP MAKING THEM! After you complete each Step 4 (aka Hell Day) and you’re letting the new niche site ’simmer’ - get to researching and creating another niche website.

You can’t have TOO MANY niche websites :)

Each subsequent niche site you build will be better, because YOU will get better. Each site will be easier to create, too.

If every person took the time and put forth the effort as you have, there would be a lot fewer people in the world over-whelmed with bills, the economy, and gas prices. If you can build enough web sites just to pay for your gas each month, tell me, what is that worth to you?

Keep making niche sites.

How I Decide What Topics To Create My Niche Sites On

People think I am nuts, I have so many niche sites that range in topics from A to Z. Why in the world do I do that? Think about it for a minute now that you have read my niche site system.

Other Ways I Get Ideas for Niche Sites

My brain usually is in over-drive. Besides online marketing, I also run a successful and affordable website optimization company.

My online marketing has become that cool thing that makes checks show up in the mail box and puts money in my PayPal account =) I still try to make niche sites whenever I get the chance. I get my ideas from TV, from magazines, from walking around stores, from the newspaper…. sometimes I come across a great online product and I develop the niche site all around the product.

Sometimes, I just mess around with the SEOBook keyword tool and find little words and phrases that spark my interest.

Niche ideas are EVERYWHERE. Just stop reading for a second and look around you. Think anyone else would want to buy a computer like yours? Think someone else collects sofa throw pillows or loves candles? If you are in the process of potty-training your two-year-old, or building a deck, or refinishing your cabinets, or creating a home office space…. don’t you think others are, too?

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to find that million dollar niche…. just find solid niche ideas and find those little keywords that will let you enter the market.

There are three basic, and life-changing, things I learned about online marketing…

1) The less pressure you put on yourself, the better you will do.

2) The less you try to sell, the more you will make.

3) The more you give, the more you will receive back.

Don’t get all caught up in dollar amounts, stats, and Domain Authority…. get caught up in the quality of your life.

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