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Step 4 – “H” Is For Hell Day

Lesson 6

Welcome Back to the 6 Step Niche Site System. If you are new to this site, we are learning, step-by-step (and for FREE) how to make small and profitable niche sites with WordPress.

Be sure to start at the beginning and work your way through all the steps at your own pace. This information isn’t going anywhere and will be ready when YOU are ready.

By this point in my WordPress niche site system, you have researched keywords for your niche blog, your have installed WordPress on your site, you have created content and prepared your site for the world.

YOU are doing awesome!

This brings us to Step 4 - which I not-so-affectionately call “Hell Day”. My apologies if that nickname is offensive to anyone, but hey, it is what it is 🙂

Hell Day is promotion day. It is the day you get out there and tell the world about your site.

Other than making the niche site itself, Hell Day is THE most important step in this niche site system. Even the very best niche website won’t earn diddly if no one sees it.

Hell Day is about two things - exposing your niche site and creating optimized back links TO your niche site. HOW your site is linked to is uber important.

If you want to rank for the phrase wordpress niche sites, each time a quality link TO your site is created using that phrase as the anchor text is helping your site move up in the Google rankings for that search term.

While that is a VERY over-simple explanation, it is plenty good enough for the sake of this niche site tutorial. Your goal today, Hell Day, is to generate exposure and back links.

How I Generate Exposure and Back Links for My Niche Sites

This step is going to be very much my personal way of doing this. I have a system I use for Hell Day and it works GREAT for me.

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