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How to Be a Successful Forex Trader in Kenya

Published November 9, 2014 in Freelance Tips - 5 Comments

Over 90% of the Kenyans who start trading forex get their accounts wiped out in less than six months. However, you do not have to become part of this statistics. You can trade forex in Kenya and become as successful as the other 10% of expert forex traders in Kenya.

However, for that to happen, there are some fundamentals of forex trading that you have to keep in mind:

Currency Trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme

Sorry to break your heart, but if you are looking to get into forex so that you can retire at thirty, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Forex trading is a skill, and it takes a lot of training, time and persistence to be profitable in the trade. The truth of the matter is that if you are just getting into the trade, you will lose more trades that you will win. This is why I highly recommend that you trade on a demo account for as long as it takes you to return some profits.

If you do not have a forex demo account, click on this link to open one right now.

Focus on only one or two currency pairs

Trying to be a jack-of-all-trades (pun intended) is the easiest way to wipe out all the capital you have invested in forex trading.

Pick one or two currency pairs, study them until you understand how they are affected by prevailing market conditions. Practice dealing them on your forex demo account.

It is overwhelming to keep tabs on all the major seven currencies that are commonly traded on the forex market.

If you are going to pick one of the major currencies, go with the EUR/USD. It offers the best spreads, which will cut down on the price you pay to get into a trade. However, since the currency is highly traded, it is highly volatile and you will need to be more savvy when trading it.

Follow Financial News

As a beginner in forex, you will mostly be using technical analysis to get into trades. This does not however mean that you shouldn’t keep tabs on the news affecting the forex market.

Trading forex in Kenya without a clear picture of what news is being released and how the news is affecting the market is a recipe for disaster.

Mostly, immeaditely, news is released, the market tends to be very volatile, and it is advised that you wait 15 minutes after the break of important news before you place a trade.

Now, assume that you are not aware of when news is released? Do you see why it is important to keep tabs on political and economic news from around the world?

Follow the Analysis of Forex Trade Experts

There are guys there who have been trading forex since God-knows-when. They are experts in what they do, and they are generous with their opinions.

Do not shy away from following them on Social Media, Youtube, websites and forums.

While reading the analyses from forex trade experts, write down what direction they are predicting the market will go and the levels they have predicted to be the key resistance and support points for the day for the currency you are following.

Some of the best places to find daily expert opinion about the market include:


Always Have a Trade Strategy and Plan

By failing to plan, you are planning to fail.

That is some deep ancient wisdom right there. Forex trading is not gambling. There are indicators and signals that clearly point where the market is headed. Make use of these.

More importantly however, never enter a trade without a strategy.

Before you make a decision to go long or short, you should clearly have an entry and exit strategy. How much profit do you want to make from the trade?

What loss can you tolerate on the trade?

Place your take profit and stop loss positions, and stick to them. Do not get greedy and do not let fear get the best of you.

If you do not know how to analyze forex charts, make a point of taking a training course.

For more information on forex trading, or how I can help you, visit the official FX trading blog.

How To Get Your Freelance Clients Without Bidding for Jobs

Published October 10, 2014 in Freelance Tips - 0 Comments
a kenyan blog

Today I am glad to announce that a revised edition of my Profitable Blogging Training is almost complete! A few more days and I will be sharing my journey into building a niche website from scratch to full profits in just six months!

This month’s Kindle royalties also just hit my account, and they are more than I could ever have imagined! Getting close to $700 in royalties is surely a blessing!

And in the context of this celebratory atmosphere, I would like to show you how to go past the basics in your freelancing career.

So far, we have only looked at getting jobs from freelancing websites. Most of the time, such jobs are never sustainable. You work for a client on a project, and that is it. You may never hear from that client again. Your connection is severed.

But what if you could get clients who directly inbox you their orders in your Gmail or Yahoo account?

What if you never had to stay at the mercies of the freelancing platforms again?

As a freelancer, you must be able to approach clients directly. This strategy is called cold-calling.

What I am going to teach you today might sound crazy and undoable. It involves you going past your comfort zone. It involves you starting conversations with total strangers on email. Emails that you never even know whether they are ever monitored!

If you thought that bidding for freelance writing jobs is a hustle, wait until you try cold-calling. The best part is that it is absolutely worth every hustle you put into it. Most of my return clients are clients that I got from cold-calling, and they make up to 45% of my monthly income from freelancing.

So how do you find the right clients to pitch your services?

  • Google is Your Friend
Google is your greatest ally when it comes to finding clients to cold-call. Simply do a search of the terms related to your specific writing niche. At the top of the search engine results, they are several links marked as ADs. Those are advertisers who are spending money to advertise their websites, and there are chances that they also need to hire freelancers to assist them with their search engine marketing (SEM) efforts.
Visit their websites, go to the contacts page, and either use the contact form to let them know that you are a freelance writer and you could be great for their business or find their email address and send them an email.
  • Using online job boards
A lot of Kenyan freelancers think that online job boards are a reserve for the western freelancers. This is not actually true. Visit BloggingPro Jobs Board right now, find a job posting, apply for it, and let me know the results… Remember to be awesome in your job application letter.
If you have not yet downloaded my free guide on writing winning proposals, this might also be the best time to download it. Click here to get your free copy.
  • Using Social Media
If you are not on Twitter, this might give you a reason to join. There are clients lurking in Twitter, waiting for the right freelancer to connect with them. Create an account if you don’t have one. Search for your writing niche, and follow the accounts that are related to it. Engage in conversation with the Tweeps who own the accounts, and always be on the lookout for when you can pitch them your services.
LinkedIn is another great social network for you to connect with clients. Get proactive in the discussions on your writing niche, and always put your instincts on high alert on when it might be the right time for you to pitch clients your services.
  • Start a Portfolio Blog
As you grow in the freelancing industry, your blog will become the most important tool you have for netting clients. I get contacted by at least 10 clients every month who are looking for a Kenyan freelance writer.
Besides, your blogs will let you go past freelancing. It is a great way to make money from other services that you might have for offer such as launching an ebook or training course.
One tip when using a blog to attract clients. Always include a ‘Hire Me’ or ‘Services’ link on your navigation menu.
I am currently creating professional and profitable blogs for free to freelance writers who sign up for webhosting using my iPage Affiliate Link.
There are several other strategies that you can use to cold-call clients. I hope that you will discover more as you get more adept at this. The most important thing that I would like to emphasis, have a specialized writing niche. It is not only the way to differentiate yourself from the rest of the freelancers who apply for any job but also saves you a lot of time and confusion when you are hunting for freelance writing jobs.


7 Incredible Tips for Maintaining Awesome Ratings on iWriter

Published September 25, 2014 in Freelance Tips - 15 Comments
a kenyan blog

A few days ago, I got a complaint from one of my mentees. She had done 7 articles on iWriter. All the articles had been accepted but apparently there was a problem. Her iWriter account showed low ratings of 3.5 stars only!

So what was the problem?

In this article, I will share 7 secrets that every freelance writer in iWriter should know.

However before I show you the tips that will save your ratings on iWriter, let us first of all establish the basics for those of us who are new in the freelance writing industry. Note that I also provide training on how to become an incredible freelance writer. If you would like to take part in my training, contact me on 0710251380.

What is iWriter?

iWriter is a freelance writing website where clients post articles and freelancers pick them up. Unlike oDesk and Elance that require you to spend lots of time bidding for jobs, iWriter lets you pick the articles directory. Work on them and submit them using their platform.

For a freelancer writer who is not getting work on the bidding platforms, iWriter is the way to go. However, starting at $2.43 for a 500 words article, the iWriter rates are probably lower than what you would bargain for yourself in Elance and oDesk.

How Do You Start Working on iWriter in Kenya?

To start working on iWriter in Kenya, you will need an Internet Service Provider who has not been blacklisted by iWriter.

A few years ago, iWriter took a hit on Kenyan writers who, according to the team at iWriter, were submitting low quality articles and trying to scam clients! They blacklisted most ISPs in Kenyan including Safaricom broadband, Orange and others.

Airtel Broadband is however still in operation. So you may need to get yourself an Airtel Modem if you want to work on iWriter. With their 100 MBs at 20 bob daily offer, I also think that Airtel is really the best modem for a freelancer who is not doing a lot of surfing, streaming or downloading stuff from the internet.

The other alternative to work on iWriter would be for you to use an IP Masking software. However, most of the free IP Masking Software do not work. If you know one that does, kindly let us know in the comments section below.

You can also download Tor Browser which does a very good work of hiding the IP address of your modem. This may however lead to the banning of your location as the browser changes the IP address every few seconds.

If you want to work in iWriter, I would say the only viable option is to use Airtel Broadband or one of the other ISPs who have not been blacklisted. They include JTL and Zuku.

How to Ensure that You Consistently Get Better Ratings on IWriter

Your survival on iWriter depends entirely on being able to maintain good ratings. If your rating drops below 3.5, iWriter is going to permanently block your account and withhold any amounts that you might have had in the account.

Maintaining better rankings on iWriter is however easier than you may think. With the tips in this section, you can be guaranteed of awesome ratings from article requesters:

Only work on articles from requesters with an approval rate of 75% and above.

Requesters with a lower approval rate are troublesome to deal with. They will reject your articles for the smallest mistakes and give you poor ratings, which can lead to the banning of your account.

Always contact the requester before you start working on their articles.

Let them know how you intend to complete the article.

Explain to them that you have handled similar articles before, and that you would want to establish a long term work relationship with them.

In short, woo the article requesters on iWriter, and they will consistently give you awesome ratings.

Do not work for a client who has given you low ratings again

A zebra cannot change its stripes.

Tackle short articles preferably up to a maximum of 500 words

If you are new in iWriter, your main goal will be to rise to Elite or Premium levels where you can earn more for your services. Tackling short articles is one secret of getting there. You not only get to finish the article fast, but you will also manage to give them your best shot.

Only tackle topics that you are enthusiastic about

So much writing still depends on enthusiasm. Only tackle topics that fancy your curiosity. Give them your best and you will be on your way to earning some good 5-star ratings within no time.

Do you have more iWriter tips that you can share with us? Let us know in the comments section.

How to Find the Best Elance Client for Your Freelancing Career

Published August 8, 2014 in Freelance Tips - 0 Comments

In the freelance world, clients take a lot of caution when hiring a freelancer. They will scrutinize their profiles, take them through rigorous interviews and basically leave no stone unturned to ensure that they are hiring the right freelance worker. They want a freelancer who will deliver their projects on time, a freelancer who won’t run away with their money and one who will deliver way above their expectations.

The same cannot be said of freelance workers. A lot of freelancers simply jump into projects without scrutinizing their clients. Yet, the cyberspace is full of scary stories of ‘clients from hell’: clients who expect you to give them the world for a pittance, clients who have unrealistic deadlines and expectations, clients who have dumb idea, and clients who skip the bill… The list can go on and on.

What Makes a Good Elance Client?

As a freelancer, it is important that you are able to distinguish between those pestering client and the clients who are worth your time. Here are a few factors that you should consider:

  • The work description

This is the first indicator of whether a client is worth your time or not. The prime clients have their project specifications well spelled out and detailed. They will include the scope of the project, the budget and the deadlines. On the other hand, most shady clients have the most ambiguous project description.

  • Realistic

Some clients simply have unrealistic expectations. I encountered such when I was starting my freelance writing career and wouldn’t want to come across one again. Clients with unrealistic expectations will expect you to churn out massive number of words on a daily basis, and usually on a flimsy budget. If you come across such a client, there is only one advice for you, run!

Clients who think you are a content mill will eventually kill your writing career and deny you the freedom that you had anticipated when you started life as a freelancer.

  • The budget

Do you want to know how much a client values your input into their business? Take a look at their past budgets and the budget they are proposing to you. A poor paying client does not value your services. He views you as an unnecessary expense to his income.

With such a client, it is not so uncommon for squabbles arising from reluctance to pay to arise. Do yourself a favor and work with only the clients who are ready to offer you fair compensation for your services.

Your Role in Finding a Perfect Elance Client

While the above three points should direct you towards finding a better client, remember that a greater deal of who you work with is determined by the principals you have set for your budget.

Before you start bidding for jobs in Elance, ensure that you have set solid standards like acceptable deadlines for completing projects, the maximum and minimum size of projects you can handle, your pay rate and the length of the relationship you are willing to establish with your clients.


The Most Convenient Ways to Withdraw Money from Paypal In Kenya

Published June 16, 2014 in Freelance Tips - 3 Comments
How to make money blogging in Kenya

How do you withdraw all the money you have earned from freelance writing or other online jobs from Paypal to your Mpesa or bank account?

There used to be a time when withdrawing online money from Paypal in Kenya used to be a real hustle. There were only a few  inconvenient and expensive ways through which you could withdraw money from Paypal in Kenya.

I am surprised that we survived through the stone age period and emerged into the twenty-first century way of doing things.

If you forgot what used to happen during those old days, or you hadn’t started working online by then, here is a quick primer for you:


The Old Ways of Withdrawing Money From Paypal in Kenya

Using third party withdrawal individuals

There were two main drawbacks with using third-party individuals to withdraw your money from Paypal. One, 90% of these individuals were/are crooks not to mention that Paypal does not take such individuals lightly. It is illegal to use a third-party individual to withdraw money from Paypal.  Just a few days ago, I heard a lady complaining in Business Ideas 101 about how she had sent a certain fellow some online dollars but the guy decided to go AWOL on her!

If the third party individuals happened to be faithful (like Walter Akolo was), they presented you with another drawback. Withdrawing money from Paypal using third party individuals is darn expensive! Be prepared to part with a staggering 10% or more of the amount you have worked so hard to earn.

Using e-pay Kenya

The Epay-Kenya platform used to work  {or still works, if it is still in business} like the third-party individuals. The only difference was that Epay-Kenya was/is quite reliable. You can withdraw your cash from Paypal through epay-kenya and rest assured that you will get your cash safely in your Mpesa account.

The downside of withdrawing your money from Paypal using Caesar Waganagwa’s platform is the exorbitant withdrawal rates (8.5%-10%) and a dollar rate that is obviously not the best.

However, if you need your money fast, say in the next 30 minutes, Epay-Kenya is the platform for you.

Using the Payoneer Mastercard

The Payoneer Mastercard is an  electronic funds transfer card that lets you withdraw money from Paypal at an ATM that is Mastercard-branded.  I still include Payoneer among the old ways of withdrawing Money from Paypal in Kenya, although I will soon tell you why Papayoneer mastercard used to withdraw money from Paypal in Kenyayoneer still rocks as a way of withdrawing your dollars from Paypal and why I believe it is actually here to stay.

Payoneer offers a fast, secure and convenient way of withdrawing money from Paypal. Click on the button below to sign up for your card today.

Click here to get your payoneer MasterCard and now.

The New Ways of Withdrawing Money From Paypal in Kenya

There are two ways through which you can withdraw money from Paypal in Kenya that are presently kicking dust.

  • Withdrawing Money From Paypal Using Equity Bank

I mentioned in passing that you could withdraw money from Paypal through Equity Bank sometime last year. Nothing much has changed since then.

If you own an Equity Bank accoEquity_PayPal_Withdrawal_Serviceunt, all you need to do is walk into the branch where you opened your account and request them to add your Paypal email to your account details. Next, scroll to this Equity-Paypal Withdraw Page, and follow the instructions there.

If everything goes well, and I don’t see why it shouldn’t, you should receive a confirmation message that your money will hit the bank in 5-8 working days. Weekends and holidays (in US and Kenya) are not counted as workdays, the money may therefore get delayed if you withdrew at such times.

The withdraw rates using the Paypal-Equity Withdraw Portal is only 1.5% and their dollar conversions is among the best in Kenya.

  • Using Skrill-iT to Withdraw Money from Paypal

A few weeks ago, Skrill (previously known as Moneybookers) came up withskrill.  The transaction only takes a few minutes and the dollar conversion rate is excellent! This is my new prefered way of withdrawing money from my online accounts and directly into my M-pesa line. I do not have to wait for Equity’s 5-8 business days!

There is only one deal breaker in the Skrill to Mpesa withdrawal services. Hypothetically, it is not possible to send money from Skrill to Paypal. So, what do you do if you have that clientusing skrill it to withdraw money from Paypal in Kenya who indignantly insists on paying you only through Paypal?

You can decide to withdraw your money through Equity Bank, like we have all been doing or figure out a way to get your dollars into Skrill.

How to Transfer Money From Paypal to Skrill

We will be using Freelancer to transfer our cash from Paypal to Skrill. Among all the freelancing websites, only Freelancer allows you to directly deposit cash into your account.

  1. Link your skrill account to your Freelancer accountThe activation is instant
  2. Deposit money from Paypal into your Freelancer account- Again, this transaction is instant
  3. Withdraw your money from Freelancer to Skrill- Regarding on the day when you make the withdrawal request, the transaction can take anywhere from 2-3 days. Withdrawal requests from Freelancer are finalized on Tuesday and Friday of every week.
  4. Withdraw Your Money from Skrill to Mpesa- This transaction is instant

skrill or click on the  button below to sign up for a freelancer account.

[button style=”btn-success” url=”” size=”large” block=”false”] Join Freelancer.Com [/button]

There is more than one way to skin a cat, and the above paypal withdrawal methods proves it. The ball is now in your park, where will you play it towards?


Are Your Really Prepared to be a Ghost Writer?

Published April 25, 2014 in Freelance Tips - 1 Comment
How to make money blogging in Kenya

Who is a ghost writer?

“I am a ghostwriter!”

But what is a ghost writer?

The concept of ghostwriting, though popular elsewhere in the world, is still to take root with freelance writers in Kenya. Many people do not understand just how you can write a whole book and let other people enjoy the fruits of your labour.

So what exactly is classifiable under ghostwriting?

According to Wikipedia A ghostwriter is a writer who writes books, articles, stories, reports, or other texts that are officially credited to another person.

Ghostwriting involves writing book, e-books, speeches, biographies and other type of articles for other writers either because they are too occupied to write or because they lack the requisite writing skills.

When I was starting off as a ghostwriter, I frequently was in doubt as to whether I could do it. When I overcame these first doubts and found out I could almost write any form of work that a client needed. I started thinking,

‘Hey, maybe it is time I stopped writing books for clients and do it for my own. I would love to have a lot of books bearing my names…’

A lot of ghost writers go through this phase. It is hard for you to work on a book that will never even acknowledge you as a lowly contributor.

Whether you are writing e-books or website articles, there comes a time when the jealousy bug strikes and you want to keep the work for yourself and announce from the top of your bungalow “to hell with the client!”

What Keeps Me Ghostwriting?

  • Lack of motivation to write my own books– I can write 4 e-books for a client as a ghostwriter within a period of one month, but when it comes to my own work, writing one article per week for my blogs becomes quite another thing. The moment I decided that I am doing this for me, I found myself hogged down by a thousand unimaginable problems.
  • There was the issue of the missing muse, I didn’t know what to write about, and suddenly whatever I was writing wasn’t making sense and a million other reasons. I am now a contented ghostwriter who enjoys seeing other people’s work take shape.
  • I came to realize that though I may not have a lot of texts credited with my name, seeing other ‘people’s’ work flourish out there, and knowing that I had a role to play in it, lifts my spirits in a way that I never knew it could.

 How Can You Get Started as a Ghostwriter?

If you are just getting into the world of ghostwriting, you can try landing your first job offers on the following sites before graduating to marketing yourself solely:


Also Read: How to Make Money With a Blog in Kenya

Factors you should keep in Mind before ghostwriting

If you are struggling with the question of whether you should start ghostwriting, and watch other people’s fame flag fly on your labour, here are a few qualities that you should maybe consider before launching yourself into the world of ghostwriting

1. A ghostwriter is a martyr

A ghostwriter is like a mother who gives her child up for adoption and then watches the child rise to world fame.

Can you be able to watch your work get world-wide accolades as you remain mum? That is what a ghostwriter should be able to do.

Your levels of jealousy should be minimally low because once in a while you will write work that will luckily shoot or write for well-established writers whose names are a market unto themselves. Ghostwriting ethics and Non-Disclosure Agreements however maintain that you shouldn’t even try to lay claim that you ever wrote that particular work.

If you are able to strangle this demon, then you are way on your route to being a very successful ghostwriter. As you will soon discover, all the other qualities required of a ghostwriter can easily be imposed with a level of self-discipline.

2. Are you able to keep strict deadlines?

One missed deadline and you are literally screwed, you have ruined your client and you have ruined your reputation and your income.

Most of the jobs requested by ghostwriting clients requires that you stick to strict deadlines as they are also under instructions to keep deadlines from their publishers.

If you can’t handle the deadline, be honest and ask for an extension when you are still on the negotiation table or plainly do not take the work. Failure to keep deadlines can lead to you not only losing your labour worth of many hours, but also your reputation.

3. Time and patience

Ghostwriting will generally demand that you pour a lot of your time in a client’s project, and this may require that you shelf your personal writing for some time.

A client may also require a lot of corrections on a project you are working on. This demands that you be patient with your clients and try to understand them.

Freelance Tips: The 12 Commandments of a Successful Freelancer

Published April 24, 2014 in Freelance Tips - 2 Comments

Are you gearing up for a journey in the world of freelancing? Before embarking on that expedition, here are twelve important commandments that every freelancer should have in their toolbox:

1. Constant learning. We live in a world of constant change. As a freelancer, you should always be ready to know the “what’s in” and the “what’s out” of your trade to keep up with the world’s pace, and eventually have an edge over your competition.

Reading blogs of the established freelancers and joining their mailing lists provides an excellent avenue for learning. You can also browse for inexpensive yet very valuable books on freelancing in the Amazon Kindle.

2. Creativity and uniqueness. What do you have that others don’t? What can you give your clients that your competition wished they could? Clients are constantly searching for new things—be that “new thing” they’re searching for.

3. Prepare for the worst. Not everything would go well as you imagine it. Good planners anticipate worst-case scenarios. You should always have contingency plans ready.

4. Beat stress and fatigue. Stress is a killer, and fatigue is its little brother. For you to win over them, you have to keep yourself physically fit, mentally alert, and spiritually steadfast.

5. Manage your priorities. You should exert more effort on very important and urgent things. Time and energy are precious—do not let unnecessary activities clog your hour. Make a list of things to do and sort them according to urgency.

6. Now. Do it now. Don’t let it wait for another hour if you could start it now, and you will see how much time and energy you can save.

7. Identify and deal with distractions. What are the things that distract you from becoming productive? Make a list of these things and be determined to set them aside for the sake of your work.

8. Surround yourself with wise and successful people. Learn from them. Understand how and why they do the things they do. Share your ideas and let them say what they think about it.

9. Help people. Do you consider your job to be a kind of service to help people, or just to help yourself? They would feel special and privileged if you do your job for the benefit of your clients.

10. Learn from mistakes. Nobody’s perfect, but anyone can goal perfection. Treat mistakes as tools to sharpen your skills and improve your character.

11. Good financial management. How you manage your money will make you or break you. You may have lots of clients, but if you don’t spend, invest, or save your money wisely you’ll be broke in no time.

12. Lastly, believe in yourself. Be confident about your skills. No one else can do it but you. Show your clients that you have what it takes to get the job done.

Online Freelancing is The Future of Work

Published April 8, 2014 in Freelance Tips - 0 Comments

You’re missing out.


Its happening all over the world.   Massive changes are taking place in the work force.  Some call it the worker revolution. I simply call it freelancing. Online freelancing. That’s what I do.  Maybe that’s what you ought to do too.

You see, once upon a time, you would go to school, study and complete your college/ university education. Get a good white collar job; work in that same company or organization till the day you died or till you retired.

I’m sorry, that sounds plain and boring but that’s the way it used to be.

Used to be.

Until the harsh economic times slapped us in our faces, the population skyrocketed like crazy and now we have thousands upon thousands of people looking for jobs and setting up small businesses at least to get their daily bread.

But there is another option and it’s called freelancing. Freelancing simply means that you are self-employed and you sell your services to clients.

Services such as writing, graphic design, video editing, transcription et cetera. After you have completed your project, you are paid and everyone’s happy.

And that’s why companies are jumping on to this online worker revolution ‘thing’.  Companies are now able to access thousands of people who have got some serious skills in different areas.  People who are self-motivated and are serious about growing their online businesses.  In fact in the recent years, online freelancing has experienced exponential growth.  Take a look at these stats:

•, founded in 2009 has since 2011 seen a growth rate of  600%.  It has been positioned among the top 200 most popular sites in the whole world.   Fiverr is an online marketplace that offers services called ‘gigs’  that start at $5.

•    Elance, another freelancing site, announced on March 9th that freelancers had earned over $1 billion with that platform. Elance has also entered the Egyptian online freelancing market and hopes to tap into the amazing potential in the region.

•, an Australian freelancing marketplace also announced that it had acquired Polish freelancing company, Zlecenia. The company – – has been doing so well that it filed for an IPO in Australia on the Australian Securities Exchange.

I really do not want to bore you with the statistics. I could go on and on. The fact is that the ‘digital online lifestyle’ as Odesk calls it, is here to stay and that is great news for those looking for online freelancing work in Kenya.

Matt Cooper, the Vice President of Enterprise and International at oDesk is quoted as saying

[blockquote author=”Matt Cooper”] “… there are a couple of trends underway that are determining what the future of work looks like. One trend is the move towards a freelance economy. The fluidity that we’re moving in and out of jobs is increasing. We’re headed to a world where you’re working for five companies at one time, instead of one company for five years … “[/blockquote]

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty excited about the future of online freelancing.  I started out freelancing by offering video transcription services and now I have a blog.  In fact, feel free to visit it here. I’d love to hear from you.

And if you are like me and you are  an action taker, then sign up with Elance or oDesk today and join  millions more in the Worker Revolution. I can only see good times  coming our way.

5 Incredible Tips for Landing More Freelance Writing Jobs

Published March 17, 2014 in Freelance Tips - 7 Comments
How to make money with a blog in Kenya

Today I would like to share five super tips that will help you win high paying online jobs in Elance and oDesk. Remember, no matter how much information you cram in your head, if you do not make a point of taking action you are as good as the person who doesn’t know anything at all.

Elance and oDesk are two of the most promising places for online jobs in Kenya. If you have access to a computer and internet connection plus loads of time on your hands, you should try launching a freelance career in Elance and oDesk.

But what does it really take to turn freelance writing into a source of income that is not only sustainable but also constant?

  • Bid for jobs on a daily basis
write proposals and bid for jobs on a daily basis in Elance and odesk

Bid for jobs on a daily basis

You are probably considering the world of freelance jobs because you probably graduated from college and have been tarmacking with little success.

You have probably grown tired of dropping your CV’s to employment bureaus in Nairobi.
Welcome to the other type of tarmacking, only this time, you can do it at the comfort of your home or the office where you are doing your internship, if it has an internet connection.
I would be lying if I tell you that you will get jobs on your first twenty proposals. Employers have this fear and distrust for beginners.
It is the same everywhere, online and offline. Keep bidding for jobs, and soon enough, you will land your first job after which, winning jobs will be a smooth sail if you keep doing it right.
I have actually discovered that a lot of freelancers fail on oDesk and Elance because they never bid for jobs or they do it the wrong way.
Both Elance and Odesk give you specific number of proposals that you can send per week or per month. For oDesk, there is a maximum of 25 proposals per week while Elance allows for 40 job proposals per month. Divide this number by the number of days that you need to work and send that amount of proposals daily. Make sure you exhaust the number of proposals you have set to send each day.
  •              Write laser-tailored and awesome job proposals
write better proposals in Elance and odesk to win freelance writing jobs

Be awesome when you write your bid proposals

Your proposal needs to be laser-tailored to the freelance job being advertised. If for instance the clients wants an article about bitcoins, do not send a proposal that simply says, “I can do this job”…

What I usually do when I am writing my job proposals is assume that I am a very enthusiastic salesman trying to sell a commodity that I know absolutely rocks and will undoubtedly add value to my prospects life.
I awe the client with my language, I try to tell them why they should really let me handle their project as opposed to any other freelance writer.
I tell them how awesome I am and how they would have made a bad decision if they do not pick me for their project. I try to be as awesome as I possibly can when I am writing my proposals, and guess what? 99.99% of the time, it works!
I have also written a FREE guide that will teach you how to write better proposal. Click on your favorite social media icon below to reveal the download link
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  •  Stay online
    stay online if you want to win freelance writing jobs in Elance and odesk

    Stay online!

Honestly, I have not seen a freelancer who has grown their career when they are offline 50% of the time. This is not a chances game. It is not even a hit and run affair.
Let me give it to you straight, if you do not have internet access through a computer for at least 12-24 hours daily, forget about wanting to make an online income through freelance jobs.
You have to invest in the most bareback computer and modem if you want to get to the point where you can rely solely on freelance jobs for your income.
  •  Go for what you are most talented in
    freelance writing jobs are not the only thing you can do.

    Practise and perfect your field

One of the freelance fields that always has a flood of open jobs is freelance writing. But does this mean that we should all flock here?


Don’t force yourself into a job category that does not suit you.

Freelance jobs come in many categories including admin and support, graphics and design, web design and programming among others.

Choose one that you believe you can perform optimally and stick with it.

  • Do not give up
freelance writing jobs demand that you do not give up

Whatever you do, don’t give up.

You might have heard of that miner who after digging a trench for miles and miles, finally gave up while the gold vein was only a few inches on the other side of the tunnel. Whatever you do, do not give up!

The job bid that you would have placed tomorrow was probably the application that was gonna win you the first job on Elance. There is money in freelancing. Other people are banking it all the time. Why shouldn’t you?

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KCSE Results 2013 Out- What Is Next

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If you did your KCSE in 2013, you might be happy to note that KNEC finally released the KCSE results today after some delays. The release of the 2013 KCSE results however also marks a time in your life when you should sit back and reflect on what you really want to do with your life.

Whatever grade you got in the exams, you just cannot afford to relax. Life does not offer you that laxity.

At Kenyan Pridespot, we have suggestions that might prove workable for you. There are many jobs you can do from home and make money online. To get started however, you will need three things:

  1. Basic skills in using a computer including typing and how to use MS Office applications
  2. A computer
  3.  internet connection

If you have all these three, you are good to go! Join my mailing list here. I will show you workable tips on how you can make money online.

Students who sat for their 2013 KCSE in secondary schools that offer computer lessons are at an added advantage here since they might already have the basic computer skills.

This does not however mean that you cannot learn how to use a computer if the school where you sat for your KCSE exams did not have computer classes.

Borrowing from my story, I sat for the KCSE exams in 2005 in a district day school that did not even have the luxury of electricity leave alone computers but one week after doing my KCSE, I had all the computer skills I needed to start making money.

I did this by visiting a friend who had a music shop with a computer and started fumbling with the computer until I became ardent at it.

If you are interested in making money online, I recommend that you read this article about Make Money Online.

Some of the jobs that you can do to start making money online in Kenya include:

  • Data entry jobs
  • freelance writing
  • paid online surveys
  • Forums and blogs posting among others

Are you a candidate who sat for the KNEC 2013 KCSE and would like to make money online in Kenya? Leave your questions and queries in the comments section below, and I will get back to you asap.

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