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At Blogscheme, we create products that are geared towards making you the best webpreneur in the world. These products are as a result of our need to continually innovate in a bid to remain relevant in the market, and offer you the most current information.

We offer e-courses, ebooks and training manuals that are specifically tailored to the Kenyan who wants to make money online.

Our products are grouped into two broad categories:

  1. Free,
  2. and Premium

[h2a]The Kindle Bestsellers Program[/h2a]
Kindle Bestsellers ProgramThis is a premium training e-course that teaches how to make money by selling simple ebooks.

Kindle, a subbranch of the renowned Amazon company lets you publish your books on the platform. As a result, you earn 35-70% royalties on every sale of your book.

While anyone can write (or outsource) ebooks, Our product, the Kindle Bestsellers Program, teaches you how to research
for topics that are in demand, how to outsource the writing of your ebooks cheaply and how to market your ebook to achieve maximum profits.

This is information that is not available anywhere else on the internet, and is brought to you by Blogscheme courtesy of our many years of  research, trial and error, and refining our tactics.

From our own experience, one book on Kindle can have returns of up to 1000% of the money and time invested into it.

The other good thing with publishing ebooks on Kindle is that as long as your book is selling, you will earn the royalties for a lifetime.

Our Kindle Training goes for only 1500/=

[h2a] The Winning Proposal [/h2a]

online jobs in Kenya. The winning proposalThe Winning Proposal is a Free Freelancer’s manual to writing job proposals that appeal to a client’s basest instints.

From our years of working with freelancers, we have observed that a lot of freelancers loose out on potential clients because they do not know how to write proposals that appeal to the client.

This handy manual collects some awesome proposals that we have written and some that have been submitted to us by the freelancers we have hired in the past. We analyze each proposal to find out its strengths and weaknesses.

On top of that, we take you behind the scenes on Elance and oDesk to show you what the top shot freelancers are bidding on their

After you are done reading The Winning Proposal, you will be more adept at placing bids that actually win you jobs on oDesk and Elance.

Grab your free copy of the Winning Proposal, before we decide to  attach a price tag on to it!

[h2a]The Niche Website Project[/h2a]

Have you ever wanted to make money blogging? Yay! We have all been there. I remember the first timehow to choose a niche website topic I created a Blogger blog in 2012 and thought that I will be the next big cyberspace millionaire! I don’t even want to remember how wrong I was.

The Niche Website Project is another of our free online courses. It comes to you courtesy of our years of trial and error blogging.
I take you by the hand and show you how to create a profitable blog in less than 6 months.

Trust me, this is not the normal ‘guru’ advice you see scattered on  the internet. This is the real money-making stuff tailored to you as a freelancer here in Kenya.

I will show exactly what works and what doesn’t. I will guide you through the whole process from identifying a profitable niche to keyword research, content creation and marketing your blog.

While the Niche Website Project is free to join, I only desire to work with very serious individuals who can spare at least 3 hours per day to making their niche websites a success. For this reason, I only work with 10 students per month.

The qualifications are simple. Sign up for web hosting using this link. The reason we require you to get a web hosting account first is so that we are assured that you are serious about your niche website project. There is nothing as damning as spending hours of coaching on a person who does not follow through with the advice provided.

[button style=”btn-success” url=”” size=”” block=”false”] Click Here to Register a Web Hosting Account [/button]

[h2a]The Online Entrepreneur Ebook[/h2a]

make online money in KenyaThe Online Entrepreneur bases its premise on the prospects that will soon be available through the Konza Techno City. Once established, the Konza Techno city will project the simplest Kenyan businesses to an international market. The only question that you should be asking yourself at this time is-

Is your business ready to take advantage of the opportunities that the city will open up?

Are you as an individual prepared to take up the opportunities?

This guidebook will show you how to position yourself. It is the best ebook that we have ever written, and best of all, it is applicable by every person who deems themselves as entrepreneurs. The guide teaches you how to tap into the awesome opportunities offered
by the internet to build a brand that is globally recognizable.

The handy ebook takes you on a trip from into some of the areas on the internet you never thought you could make money from. It has a little bit of everything, the best practices, and advice on how to scale your online entrepreneurship so that you can effectively compete on a global scale.

[h2a]Blogs and Domain Names[/h2a]
Do you want to take your business online but you do not know where to start? Would you like to own a professional blog without having to go through all the technicalities of startig a blog? Our fully developed blogs and websites are ideal for you.

We have frequently list fully developed websites or established domain names that you can use to build your site.
Click here to view the domain names that are currently in our listing.

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