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About Blogscheme Kenya

Blogscheme- Who We Are

Blogscheme is a registered Kenyan company that offers blogging tips and other online web content services including but not limited to copywriting.

To contact me, use the email address [email protected] or call this number +254-710-251-380. You can also reach me through my Facebook Fanpage, Twitter or hangout with me on Google Plus

Our workflow is a three-tier process that involves:

  • Audience and Market Research

Before we put pen to paper, we sit down and analyze who your audience is. This involves scientific study of your website visitors, social media audience and brand followers. We then use this information to segment your audience in specific strata.

The final content produced is delivered in a tone that resonates well with your audience. If you are looking to hire a Kenyan freelance writer. you just found yourself one!

  • Content Creation

Many small and medium-size businesses in Kenya do not have the time nor the personnel to develop high quality content that engages their audience. Yet, the role of content marketing in business promotion cannot be ignored. You will need blog posts, video content, podcasts, newsletters, ebooks, whitepapers, infographics and many other forms of content in order to engage creatively and meaningfully rolex replica with your audience. Blog Scheme fills this void by creating content that is tailored to your audience. This not only frees you to concentrate on your business but also keeps your customers engaged even as you sell to them.

  • Content Distribution

Let us face the truth here. Even the greatest quality of content means nothing to your business if it is not disseminated to your audience at the right place and time. At Blog Scheme, we endeavor to know where your audience resides online, and we take the content we have created to them when they most need it.

Do not let your business suffer the way many others do. There is a reason why you created that website. There is a reason why you struggle to share content and updates in the social media. Let us help you take it to greater heights with our tailored content marketing services.

Visit our website today, and find out how we can help.

Hire us to Help you Start a Blog

Starting a business blog takes more than simply installing a WordPress script on your server and customizing it to get the look and feel that complements your business industry. If you are serious about starting a business blogs and reaping from all the bells and whistles associated with it, you cannot afford to be thinking this way.

To start a great business blog that will make you money in Kenya, contact us, let us know what your ideal blog is, and we will get you started.

Hire Us To Improve Your Blog

A lot of businesses start a blog with all the hype and morale of a 100 M runner. Challenges however crop along the way, and the blog is neglected and left to lie unutilized in the cyberspace.

Another percentage actually devotes more time working on their blogs with the blog rarely working for them. If the above two scenarios describe you, you need to be talking to us. If you already have a blog running but want to do more with it, let us handle it for you.

Build Your Email Marketing List

You have probably heard a lot about email marketing.

It is the Web 2.0 cold calling strategy.

Businesses around the world are reaping from email marketing. We believe you can too, but not without an email marketing list. Blogscheme will help you come with the right strategy to add real email addresses of an audience interested in your niche.

Another common mistake with young businesses is the failure to utilize email addresses that users give to them through subscriptions. I can remedy this buy creating followup email messages for your audience that will keep them engaged.

Social Media Management

A lot of businesses report lack of time as one of the principal reasons why they are not actively engaging their audience in the social media. Others do not know where to start.

Blogscheme handles your social media updates for you. We will start accounts for your business in all the major social media networks and keep them updated.

Does any of the above describe a service that you might need? Hire me now, and I will give you a valuable solution.


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